Red coral gemstones astrologer

Red coral gemstones astrologer  – Red Coral is said to be of course that gemstone is happening that is governed by the Mars fire planet. According to Vedic astrology, Mars symbolizes the different ways in which the former is courage, the second is self-confidence, the third is concentration and the fourth is good health, the fifth is the success of career and prosperity , the sixth is good health, the seventh is in the career and prosperity of conjugal life, and so on. Mars is an important planet that can destroy the phenomena of life or life. Red coral precious stones are used to improve in the different ways in which the first is career, the second is health and the third is conjugal relationships.


Red coral gemstones astrologer  – Coral is not a mineral or mineral stone, but there is an organic precious stone. It is the hardened skeleton, the results obtained, or the consequences of the secretions that are continuously deposited by the marine polyps. It sounds colorful that is underwater plant, but is primarily a precious gift from the sea. Our astrologer, a specialist in the field of precious stones of red corals, said that the coral is between 15 and 160 feet. The higher the depth, the lighter the coral color. The coral reefs that are found in almost all the oceans of the world, the largest is the Great Barrier Reef, which is off the coast of Australia of Queensland. These are the effects of red coral gems.


Red coral gemstones astrologer  – The Astrologer said Italian red is used in the highest demand in the jewelery industry and is considered the best quality. The best specimens from Sardinia and Tunisia. Coral from Japan and China is considered slightly inferior to quality but is more expensive than red because it is less abundant. Coral is also off the coast of Washington State, ie the USA and the Aleutian Alaska Islands. Red coral can be set in gold or silver.

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